Fifteen Orto wines referenced at The Wine Advocate

Fifteen wines from our cellar were recently evaluated by The Wine Advocate, specifically by Luis Gutiérrez, his taster in Spain. Gutiérrez highlighted the know-how of Orto Vins and its link with the land. He also had very good words for our Les Tallades de Cal Nicolau. “This small plot of 0.2 hectares was planted in 1870 and somehow survived the phylloxera. The Picapoll allows for more elegant and harmonious wines, made from grapes that soften the natural force of the climate and terrain”comments the analyzer.

The scores for the Orto Vins references have been the following:

94 points

  • La Carrerada 2012
  • Les Tallades de Cal Nicolau 2012

92 points

  • Palell 2012
  • Blanc d’Orto 2014
  • Les Comes d’Orto 2014

91 points

  • Blanc Brisat d’Orto 2013
  • Dolç d’ Orto sweet white 2014

90 points

  • Les Pujoles 2012
  • Les Comes d’Orto 2013
  • Les Argiles d’ Orto Negre 2014
  • Orto 2014
  • Blanc d’Orto 2015

89 points

  • Les Argiles d’Orto white 2014
  • Les Argiles d’Orto red 2015
  • Les Argiles d’Orto rosé 2015

The Wine Advocate scores, also known as the Parker List, are considered to be very influential internationally, and have become an important advantage for well-known wineries when it comes to marketing their wines, especially in markets such as North-America.